Bermuda, is a beautiful British overseas territory located in the north Atlantic Ocean, about 900 miles directly east of Charleston, South Carolina.

Famed for Bermuda shorts, history, natural beauty and of course the Bermuda Triangle, the island's tourism charm continues to attract thousands of visitors each year.

Bermuda's pink sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, offshore reefs, 400 year old St. Georges Town a designated World Heritage site, Crystal Caves, fortifications and the Royal Naval Dockyard are some of our many attractions. Pristine coral reefs for snorkeling or diving (reef and shipwrecks) and amazing golf courses are also in abundance on the island.

Visitors cannot rent a car on the island, so in addition to walking our pleasant and safe streets many travelers choose to rent a scooter or electric mini car and use our buses, ferries and taxis.


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Local Attractions

  • 400 year old St. Georges Town

  • Crystal Caves

  • Pink sand beaches

  • Old Forts

  • Cruises around our many islands

  • Beach & trail horse rides

  • Historic Museums & Art Galleries

  • Crystal Blue water

  • Dolphin encounters

  • Aquarium and Zoo
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